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28 June 2023

ENGIE goes for sustainability and quality with Salesdock

The well-known brand ENGIE specialises in the production, maintenance and distribution of electricity and natural gas. The company does not do this without merit, as it can call itself the world's largest utility. ENGIE's customer advisers have been using Salesdock since 2023. We spoke with Martijn Hoogeveen, Senior Channel Manager Marketing & Sales and with Martijs van Schie, Employee Sales, about the cooperation with Salesdock and ENGIE's sustainable ambitions.

It was early 2021 when Martijn got in touch with Salesdock. "In my role as Channel Manager, I talk to all kinds of external parties who do commercial activities for us. Salesdock was mentioned a lot by our partners, but we weren't using it yet. Then I went for a coffee with Mark, one of Salesdock's owners," says the channel manager. It clicked immediately and so it did not take long before the cooperation started.

Green ambitions
ENGIE's ambition is to accelerate the energy transition. "Our goal is to emit zero CO2 by 2045," states Martijn. "To support customers in going green, the advisory role of salespeople is becoming increasingly important. More advice is needed when selling renewable energy, for example on solar panels and charging stations." It is therefore essential that both internal and external advisers have access to the right information.
Successful transition
The collaboration began in 2021 with the facilitation of the external partner channel. In autumn 2022, internal departments were also transferred to Salesdock. At the same time, the underlying systems and order processes were linked and integrated. This transition was successfully completed in February 2023.

"What appealed to me most was Salesdock's flexibility," Martijn says of his first impression. His colleague Martijs, who worked intensively with Salesdock during the implementation, shares this experience. "The cooperation is just very pleasant. Whenever I run into something, they often come up with a better solution than I had thought of myself. They really think along with me."
The customer benefits
"Whereas we used to work with different systems, everything at ENGIE now comes together in one central place; Salesdock," says Martijn. "It is easier for advisers to offer different propositions and products. As a result, our customers benefit from the right advice and offer to make sustainability and savings. Moreover, the automated way of working reduces the chance of human error."

Martijn continues: "We now have full control over what our customers receive and we are confident that the agreements partners make with our customers comply with laws and regulations." His colleague Martijs adds: "I am particularly happy with the dynamic scripting and the voicelog. It makes life a lot easier for advisers, but also for customer service staff. With Salesdock, you always have the right information at hand and everything is automatically processed correctly."
The future
At the time of writing (spring 2023), more and more processes of the customer journey run through Salesdock. Martijn: "Our customer service will soon also be able to offer targeted advice on heat pumps and charging stations. In the future, we hope to also offer home batteries in the same way."

Martijs is looking forward to the connection with aNewSpring's sales training. "Advisors have to obtain a certificate to sell our products. Soon, Salesdock will also be part of this sales training with the goal of continuing to develop the quality of the conversation done by advisers on energy transition."

Salesdock is proud of its partnership with ENGIE. Mark Hekkelman: "We look forward to building on the collaboration and making our contribution to ENGIE's important mission to accelerate the energy transition. This fits exactly with how we like to see the added value of our platform: enabling sellers to serve its customers in the best way possible: multiple products, the right propositions and a tool that is clear, reliable and professional for both the seller and end customer."

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