Sales organisations

More sales, less work

As a sales organisation, you lose valuable time working with many different systems trying to reach your target group, process orders, manage your leads and maintain that contact. With Salesdock, you can work from one single platform that you can link to your suppliers' order systems and other systems you use, such as call applications and/or your own CRM.

In control of your sales process

Independent and flexible sales

Work via a single platform

Sell your own services or products, or those of different advertisers, from your own platform.

Operate independently

Setup your sales operations the way you want it and integrate or link with external tools and systems.

Control for results

Steer by results. Have visibility and grip on the results of your internal and external sales reps.

Manage yourself

Bring together offers from different providers and link them to your own, or other sales organisations.

Optimise processes

Put together proposals in just a few clicks and automate your administration.

Connect and integrate

Integrate with systems such as Steam-connect, Zendesk and postcode checks.

What matters most

Make sales easy

Everything gathered within one single platform

Manage all your providers, sales propositions and (external) vendors from one environment.

Collaborate efficiently with external teams
Seamless integrations and connections
Manage your data

Build for expansion

Jack of all trades

Salesdock makes complex sales processes simple. We have developed specific flows and integrations for some markets. Is your market not listed? Let us know if your market could use some Salesdock too!

Solar panels
Your market 👀

In any given context

All sales channels on a single platform

Each sales channel has its own processes and tools. We optimise these processes and bring information together. So we make selling easy, whichever channel you use.

Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics of your internal and external sales teams. That way, you always have control over your success.

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