Heat pumps

Ready to take your heat pump sales to the next level?

With Salesdock you have the perfect tool to streamline your workflow, convert your leads and surprise your customers with professional quotes.
Salesdock is specially designed for the heat pump industry. We understand the unique challenges you face as an installer, and we provide you with the tools you need to overcome them. A savings calculation for the customer based on a Daikin, Remeha, LG, Intergas or Nefit heat pump? It comes out at the push of a button. Now just install it!

Have more time for a good conversation

Everything centrally within one platform

All your products, services and customer data come together in one platform. This way you always keep grip and control over your sales process.

Not just any offer

Let the quote do the work with our interactive online quotes. You can't leave a better first impression. This way, your next customer is immediately a new ambassador. Difficult? Not at all. You'll be on your way in just a few clicks!

A better proposal in less time

Build a proposal through specific sales flows. The customer receives the correct forms and the information is processed automatically. Easily set who has access to what information.

Internal and external sales are connected

With Salesdock, all information is in one place and always up to date. You no longer have to email or print files back and forth. This way you work faster and more accurately.

Pass on your leads

Are you too busy or do you have a request that falls just outside the expertise of your organization? Easily share your lead with colleagues via Salesdock.

We make it easy for you

Provided for all steps

Standardize, digitize and automate your sales process so that you can focus on your profession, instead of administration. Bring the steps of the customer process, such as a preliminary assessment or inspection, intake forms and delivery, together in one platform. Work effectively with your internal and external staff and external organizations.

Expand your offering...

Waar kansen liggen moet je deze ook kunnen grijpen. Salesdock voorziet in leadgeneratie van de toekomst; breid eenvoudig je aanbod uit.
Charging stations
Solar panels

...or share your leads

Where there are opportunities, you must be able to seize them. Salesdock provides lead generation of the future; easily expand your offering.

In any given context

All sales channels on a single platform

Each sales channel has its own processes and tools. We optimise these processes and bring information together. So we make selling easy, whichever channel you use.
Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics of your internal and external sales teams. That way, you always have control over your success.
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Customer Cases

That's how they work

โ€œWith Salesdock, we are taking important steps to make sustainability accessible to everyone.โ€
Wijnand Wieles, Manager marketing & sales
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โ€œIn terms of technology, I don't think there is a better platform within our industry to create orders and collaborate, at least not one that is as clear and simple.โ€
Michael Versluis, WVE
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โ€œThe speed with which we have been able to roll this out with Salesdock, in a very simple and workable way for everyone, is unprecedented.โ€
Twan Geurts van Kessel, Solar Concept
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โ€œThanks to this unified working method, we connect with sales partners and providers of solar panels and charging stations very easily.โ€
Dennis Huizer, Manager Business Development NieuweStroom
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