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Salesdock makes selling easy. No matter how many parties you collaborate with and how many channels you use, with Salesdock you always have grip and control over the results.

Sell, scale down, scale up, collaborate, broaden your offering, manage your leads and much more from one platform. How does that work? We explain the basics of Salesdock in 7 steps.


Setup your environment

Salesdock adapts to your wishes. You determine what you sell, who can sell it, what information the customer receives, how the customer agrees, what the quotation looks like, how the order is processed, what commission or other compensation someone receives and much more. And we are happy to help with that.


Creating and following up on opportunities

Approach your leads by telephone, at the door, in the store or online. Whatever channels you use, with Salesdock you can approach and process all leads from one central location.

For door-to-door sales, use Salesdock Outside. This allows you to expand your Salesdock environment to generate real-time walking routes, book off leads or immediately make a sale. And Outside won't let you down if you're unexpectedly offline.

Sell โ€‹โ€‹at the door with Salesdock Outside Selling on the phone

The best offer

Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics from your internal and external sales teams. This way you always have control over your success.


The deal is done!

The customer agrees and digitally signs in accordance with all guidelines. While the seller does a happy dance, the sale is automatically processed in the systems of all parties involved.


Real-time information

Check the current status of your leads, quotes and sales, including those from external sales organizations. Automate status updates and cancellations and use that time for something more fun. Selling, for example.


Gain insight and growth

Know what you're doing. It's time for data-driven sales. That is why we offer you an overview of the results of your internal and external salespeople. This way you always know how to achieve even better results in the future.


Build valuable relationships

Salesdock is an order system and CRM in one. Make it easy for yourself and your team(s) to sell additional products and services and renew contracts. Or simply schedule a coffee appointment. This way you increase and utilize the value of your existing contacts.


Get even more out of your Salesdock

Expand your Salesdock in one click with (local) apps and integrations that help you always prepare the best quote. Through integrations with other Salesdock users, you can see real-time progress and exchange easily automatically.

For developers


Connect any application to Salesdock in no time thanks to our available REST API. We provide you with all documentation.

Market-specific apps

Expand functionalities by installing market-specific apps, such as a zip code look-up for the energy market.


Salesdock is lightning fast and made to scale. For example, add an entire call center without any problems.

Email delivery

Link your SendGrid or Mailgun account to use DKIM and SPF. You can also easily connect other transactional email providers.

User roles

Tight and clear role permissions. Easily create (temporary) users and determine what they can or cannot view and do.


Receive real-time data when a quote is accepted or a task is completed.

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