By appointment

Fully prepared to the table

With Salesdock, it doesn't matter how big your team is. Schedule appointments through an internal team or using callcentres. Keep track of when you visited which lead and when someone became a customer. Automate communications such as proposal- and appointment reminders and go for a long-term relationship with the customer.

Schedule appointments

Schedule appointments for yourself or let field sales, account managers or callcentres schedule appointments for you.

Source of information

Capture all supporting information such as opportunities with leads, and go for lasting relationships.

Take the time

Does your prospect want some time to think about a proposal? Send an offer by e-mail or SMS and create automated reminders.


Announced visits

Don't show up at a closed door. Set a personalised reminder and automatically send it to the customer right before the appointment takes place.


Document all knowledge

Make notes of your visit or have a lead or a relation fill in forms created by you. This provides you insights and control of your pre- and after-sales.

Sending out forms

Create your own intake, review or feedback forms and send them to the client to fill in or sign.

Plug, play & sell

Selling made easy

The sales person has all the information at a glance and can put together a proposal with ease. Let the customer sign directly, or send an offer later on. The proposal and accompanying attachments can be viewed and digitally signed by the customer in a unique, secure environment.

Market-specific sales flows

With the help of market-specific or self-created flows, the sales person puts together a proposal with ease.

Convenience for the customer

Sending proposals or immediate digital signing

Besides doing direct sales, a salesperson can first send an offer which the customer can view via a link to their unique, secure environment. This allows the customer to sign immediately, or take some additional time to think about it.

Automated proposal reminders

Not everyone takes a decision overnight. Set if, when and how often you want to send offer reminders.


Your data is safe

With Salesdock, you make sure everything goes according to government regulations and your own protocols. Customer data is processed and stored according to the AVG rules.


Create a setting to make sensitive information completely unreadable.

Make it invisible

Determine how long people can access specific data until it becomes invisible.

Build for expansion

Jack of all trades

Salesdock makes complex sales processes simple. We have developed specific flows and integrations for some markets. Is your market not listed? Let us know if your market could use some Salesdock too!

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