Personalised selling at the counter

In addition to selling physical products, shops are increasingly selling services and subscriptions. Think of television subscriptions, energy contracts, insurance and phone subscriptions. Shops are a promising sales channel for many services and an absolute added value.

Consumers trust their local shops and are open to advice and direct purchases there. Salesdock makes it easy for salespeople to advise customers personally.

Comparing together

Integrate tools to check what the best offer is together with the customer.

Digital signing

With Salesdock, your proposals and contracts meet compliancy requirements and all data is processed correctly.

Take the time

Does the prospect want some time think about a proposal? Send an offer by e-mail or SMS.

Comparing together

In-store advice

Compile one or more proposals in just a few clicks and compare the offer directly with the customer. Thanks to numerous integrations with (local) providers, you always offer the right products. Make use of postcode checks, for example on internet speed or fibreglass availability, ensuring you make the best offer.

Market-specific sales flows

Salespeople easily compose offers with the help of market-specific sales flows or via the flows you create.

Plug, play and sell

Selling made easy

Salesdock was created to make it as easy as possible for the salesperson. No extensive training is required. This way, the threshold is low and everything goes right in one go.

Convenient for customers

Sending proposals

In-store, the salesperson sends a proposal that the customer can immediately view via a link in the unique, SHA-256-protected environment. The customer can sign immediately or take some time to think about it later.

Automated proposal reminders

Not everyone takes a decision overnight. Set if, when and how often you want to send offer reminders.


Local shops, local relationships

Consumers trust the people working in the local shop. With Salesdock, shop staff have a good system to strengthen relationships.

Local CRM

As a shop, you like to create a dedicated customer base. With Salesdock you record information and schedule (automatic) contact moments.


Your data is safe

With Salesdock, you make sure everything goes according to government regulations and your own protocols. Customer data is processed and stored according to the AVG rules.


Create a setting to make sensitive information completely unreadable.

Make it invisible

Determine how long people can access specific data until it becomes invisible.

Build for expansion

Jack of all trades

Salesdock makes complex sales processes simple. We have developed specific flows and integrations for some markets. Is your market not listed? Let us know if your market could use some Salesdock too!

Customer Cases

That's how they work

“We noticed that we made it easier for salespeople to sell our contracts. We also saw this reflected in the results and quality of orders.”
Nick Kooijman, Channel Manager
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