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We believe in the personal touch that every salesperson has. Not by controlling, but by facilitating. Our software is important, but our people are just as important. We are now a small but rapidly growing team spread over two offices: in the east (Enschede) and in the far east (India). Our people are talented and driven, building the future of sales from their own qualities. Take a look at our vacancies below. Is your dream job not listed, but do you think you can be a valuable asset for the team? Let us know!

Directly to open positions

Offering everyone an opportunity


Are you a recent graduate? Do you have little experience, but the drive and talent to excel within your field? We're here! In our talent pool you get the chance to show what you have in you.

Trainee program

You have the drive to develop yourself in no time. Growth is an intrinsic motivator for you.

Gathering all talents

Develop and grow by working closely with other talents, in other words colleagues.

Limited experience

Where everyone else demands at least 5 years of experience, we are looking for genuine motivation and 110% commitment.

Working at Salesdock


Constantly improving

You can only get better by continuing to learn. That is why we are keen and critical of each others work. Everything is geared towards improving ourselves and our software every day.



From time to time we work from home, and are flexible in our working hours. However, we do try to separate work and private life as much as possible, making sure that time off work is actually your time off work.



We love fair play. That's why we tell it like it is. Both internally and to our customers, we have no secrets.



To deliver quality work, you need a good workplace with quality gear. That's why we provide you with a MacBook Pro in an inspiring work environment.

Open vacancies

How we do it

Our culture

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is important to us, but we also value a good work mentality and ethos.

Just in time

To stay ahead, we must continuously grow. That's why we don't waste time and do the right things at the right time.

No nonsense

Action instead of talking! Due to this we sometimes work on our gut feeling, combined with facts and data.


We like to set the bar high; do you? Our ambitions make us confident, but also helpful towards our customers.

Who we are

Our values


Happy employees take care of creating happy customers, and stress isn't good for anyone.


Transparancy in communication, internally and externally. No political games, but tell it like it is with mutual respect.


Our customers can trust us, and our software. That's why we deliver what we promise, but also say what we are not able to live up to.


We are proud of our clients and our team. By working together, we can take each other to the next level.



Clearing your head once in a while is a must. With thirty days, excluding national holidays, you can manage that, right?



Almost as important as the work atmosphere. We work with quality people. That includes an appropriate salary.


Training budget

We have budget available to develop yourself. This is how we help each other to grow.

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