Solar panels

A perfect (layout) plan for the sale

Salesdock gives your organisation an advantage over your competition. Differentiate yourself by easily capturing inspection data, working out a layout plan and sending a recognisable, professional proposal that the customer can easily accept on.

Straightforward support for a complex market

Everything gathered within one single platform

All your products, services and customer data come together in one platform. That way you always have control over your sales process.

Direct collaboration with partners

With Salesdock, you have all information in one place and always up-to-date. You no longer need to mail back and forth or print files. That way you work faster and more accurately.

Customise your proposal

Create a professional proposal in your own corporate branding in just a few clicks. Decide which attachments are visible to the customer via the secure online offer page.

Stand out from competitors

Keep differentiating yourself by easily sending a customised proposal that the customer can digitally and securely sign.

A better proposal in less time

Put together a proposal through specific sales flows. The customer gets the right forms and the information is processed automatically. Easily set who has access to what information


We make things easy for you

Bring sunlight into your sales process

Everything arranged in just a few steps

With just a few simple steps in which all specific elements for the solar panel market are built in, you make it easy for sellers and customers.


Make the complexity around solar panels simple. For both sellers and customers. Salesdock supports the entire process from inspection to signing.

Automatic calculations such as payback period
Automatic layout plans that you can refine yourself
Schedule appointments
Record information from the inspection
Let a customer capture information on their own

In any given context

All sales channels on a single platform

Each sales channel has its own processes and tools. We optimise these processes and bring information together. So we make selling easy, whichever channel you use.

Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics of your internal and external sales teams. That way, you always have control over your success.

More info

An ecosystem for distribution

Get connected with your partners

Integrate with providers and sales partners. For integrations with partners who also use Salesdock, all propositions you are able to sell are automated for the seller. Suppliers receive orders in real time.

Optimal lead generation

Is your customer in need of, for example, a new energy contract thanks to the new solar system? Perfect! Easily transfer it to a partner.

Customer Cases

That's how they work

โ€œIn terms of technology, I don't think there is a better platform within our industry to create orders and collaborate, at least not one that is as clear and simple.โ€
Michael Versluis, WVE
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โ€œThe speed with which we have been able to roll this out with Salesdock, in a very simple and workable way for everyone, is unprecedented.โ€
Twan Geurts van Kessel, Solar Concept
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