Door to door

Selling door-to-door with Salesdock Outside

With Salesdock Outside, you can plan smart walking routes. Everything is set up to make things easy for the salesperson, team leader, planner and back office. Plan your own leads and optimise walk lists.

Salesdock Outside is een op zichzelf staande webapplicatie geoptimaliseerd voor deur-aan-deur verkoop. Outside is gekoppeld aan je Salesdock-omgeving. Zo hebben de verkopers op straat altijd de meest actuele info over de leads en ben je gekoppeld aan alle partijen waar je mee samenwerkt.

Built for convenience

Sell easily via your tablet or smartphone, without having to install anything.

Area management

Create smart schedules and walking routes to make sure salespeople operate at the right time, in the right location.

Working offline

Does the connection drop out? No problem! Without internet, you can just keep doing your work.

Work efficiently

Plan smart, work smart

Work efficiently and send your sales people on their way with a planning that perfectly matches your working method. New lead information is always updated immediately so the sales person always has the right info at hand.

Real-time map view

Instantly see where you are, where your closest lead is located and which route can be most successful.

Less mistakes

Fast and accurate

Once the deal is confirmed, everything is processed automatically, also in the third party systems you work with. This saves you time on administration and makes sure all goes well in one go.

Market-specific sales flows

Sales people can easily compose offers with market-specific sales flows or via the flows you create.

Lead to sale conversion

No sale? Still valuable

Enrich your lead so you can be successful next time. All data is automatically processed in your Salesdock environment.

Provide your leads with a status

Is your lead not at home, or did you arrive at an inconvenient time? Capture everything with ease.


Your data is secure

With Salesdock, you can make sure everything goes according to government regulations and your own protocols. Customer data is processed and stored according to the AVG rules.


Create a setting to make sensitive information completely unreadable.

Make it invisible

Determine how long people can access specific data until it becomes invisible.

Smart planning

Schedule an appointment

Scheduling a follow-up visit? No problem. With the integrated calendar, you create actions for yourself or colleagues. The lead receives an automatic confirmation, so you won't be standing in front of a closed door.

Sell visually


Approach leads in a professional way and use your own media and presentations. Easily add media to your Salesdock environment, to pitch to a lead directly from the application.


Continue to grow

With Salesdock Outside, you receive comprehensive reports on activities and results of your teams and individual salespeople. This provides you with the right insights to keep growing your business.

Write-off locations

Get insight into the best converting areas and increase your successes.

Build for expansion

Jack of all trades

Salesdock makes complex sales processes simple. We have developed specific flows and integrations for some markets. Is your market not listed? Let us know if your market could use some Salesdock too!

Customer Cases

That's how they work

โ€œAgents can focus on their core task: paying attention to the customer, thanks to Salesdock. And we see that reflected in the results.โ€
Jouke Koedijker, Salesmanager
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โ€œWe noticed that we made it easier for salespeople to sell our contracts. We also saw this reflected in the results and quality of orders.โ€
Nick Kooijman, Channel Manager
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โ€œDue to the first lockdown, we had to switch from D2D to telephone sales at lightning speed. Fortunately, Salesdock soon allowed our customers to sign proposals and contracts from their own devices.โ€
Chris de Leeuw
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