Stay connected when selling connectivity

Telecom is more than just phone calls, of course. Think about internet at home or for your business, digital TV, sim only, hosted voice and so on. All these markets require their own approach, and that's where Salesdock helps you. Whether you want to add extra channel packages or call bundles to your offering, offer number blocks, devices or sell sim only subscriptions.

Through integrations and links with well-known telecom brands and postcode checks, you create the best offer for each address in just a few clicks.

Easily create the best proposal for your customer

Everything gathered within one single platform

All your products, services and customer data come together in one platform. That way you always have control over your sales process.

Connected to suppliers

Use postcode checks from providers to make sure which internet connection is available and whether fibre is an option.

Personalise your offering

Create a professional proposal in your own corporate branding in just a few clicks. Decide which attachments are visible to the customer via the secure online offer page.

Business and consumer

Set up sales flows for specific target groups and let salespeople make the right offer with ease. The customer is presented with the information in the right context.

A better proposal in less time

Put together a proposal through specific sales flows. The customer gets the right forms and the information is processed automatically. Easily set who has access to what information.


We make things easy for you

Take your sales to the next level

Control of your sales

Track leads and manage customer relationships, monitor progress and act immediately. Standardise your processes, improve compliance and save time on administration.

For all types of telecoms

Make selling telecoms easy by using Salesdock's existing sales flows, or create your own.

Sim only
Broadband internet
Hosted voice (VOIP)

For inbound and outbound teams

Make it easy for all your salespeople (inbound and outbound) to make customised offers. Whether you sell to consumers or business customers, with Salesdock you work together smartly.

In any given context

All sales channels on a single platform

Each sales channel has its own processes and tools. We optimise these processes and bring information together. So we make selling easy, whichever channel you use.

Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics of your internal and external sales teams. That way, you always have control over your success.

More info

An ecosystem for distribution

Connect with your partners

Integrate with providers and sales partners. For integrations with partners that also use Salesdock, all propositions are automated for the sales person. Providers receive orders in real time.

Customer Cases

That's how they work

โ€œAgents can focus on their core task: paying attention to the customer, thanks to Salesdock. And we see that reflected in the results.โ€
Jouke Koedijker, Salesmanager
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โ€œDue to the first lockdown, we had to switch from D2D to telephone sales at lightning speed. Fortunately, Salesdock soon allowed our customers to sign proposals and contracts from their own devices.โ€
Chris de Leeuw
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