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25 May 2022

Innova Energy and SEPA Green also digitize the sales process of large consumption energy contracts

The energy market is in a turbulent phase. Gas prices have been higher than normal as of late 2021, and the recent turmoil in Europe has caused gas prices in particular to fluctuate and difficult to predict. This also has its impact on the activities of energy suppliers in terms of acquiring new customers. The propositions and type of services are changing.

This is also the case with Innova Energie and SEPA Green, two suppliers that have been using Salesdock for several years to bring in consumers and small business customers through its partner channel. Also being two brands that joined forces since this winter and serve the energy market from one organization, but still with both beautiful brands positioned autonomously.

Within the energy market, the current situation has meant that both the consumer and small business markets - in which sales are often done with fixed tariffs - are temporarily at a lower (gas) level. Innova Energie and SEPA Green believe it is important that customers, as well as partners, can still get good products in a healthy and responsible way. So we used the time during which we could not do sales, to create something new and make the product range even more complete: Being able to sell wholesale through Salesdock.

The Large Consumption contracts - this often involves connections from 100,000 kWH or more and/or a connection that passes more than 40 m3 of gas per hour - are customized and until now were a time-consuming and manual process. With increasing demand in the market also came the need to support the sales process of Large Consumption within Salesdock: from preparing the proposal, the customer acceptance process with a digital signature, to processing new sales in the underlying delivery systems of Innova Energie and SEPA Green.

Thanks to a number of unique functionalities within the Salesdock platform, such as Flex flow and customized contracts, Salesdock has digitized the entire sales process for this market. Eelco Wessels Boer, director of Innova Energie commented, "Simplicity and standardization of the sales process in a market where flexibility is required at any hour of the day was exactly what we needed to facilitate scalability on Large Consumption in these times as well."

The fact that not only Innova Energie, but also the SEPA Green brand, can hitch a ride on this digitization journey makes Theo Berntzen, who has been the face of this beautiful Enschede brand for years, happy: "As SEPA Green, we have made the transition from paper contracts to digital with, and for, our loyal partners in recent years. Being able to sell Large Consumption within the Salesdock platform now, for us is another great step in our new way of working for, and with, our business advisors."

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