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02 December 2021

The best overall solar panel concept; energy for all!

'Every disadvantage has its advantage' is a well-known saying (especially for football fans, like Solar Concept). And this certainly also applies to the collaboration between Solar Concept and Salesdock. At a time where the energy market is under pressure due to high gas prices, sustainability and a focus on the energy transition has become even more important. That is why Salesdock and Solar Concept have joined forces to make selling and applying for solar panels easy and accessible for everyone.

Through a mutual contact, NBE, Solar Concept and Salesdock got in touch. Since both parties do not believe in problems, but rather in opportunities and challenges, things moved quickly after that. Bart Vos of Solar Concept, responsible for the private market, says: "In our quest to accelerate the energy transition at a (higher) pace, we came into contact with Salesdock. The click was there immediately and a month later we were operational, that's what gives us energy! 😉”

The timing of the first cup of coffee together at NBE's office in Didam was perfect. NBE's enthusiasm about the possibilities offered by Salesdock were key to this collaboration. After all, Solar Concept was on the eve of making selling solar panels accessible to other types of sales organisations with a new, simplified concept.

The missing link within Solar Concept's concept was the ability to offer customers a clear proposal directly (without the technical and complex side of solar panels). Just without fuss and with convenience. Exactly what Salesdock offers.

After that, things moved quickly. Less than two months after the first cup of coffee, the salespeople were already trained and ready for their first sales. And that is a unique experience, even for Twan Geurts van Kessel, boss (in his own words) of Solar Concept: "The speed with which we were able to roll this out with Salesdock, in a very simple and workable way for everyone, is unprecedented". Twan is immediately joined in this by Bart: "It was great to work with Suzanne (design) and Nick. The pace and quality at which Salesdock arrives at the desired (final) result is admirable".

"In our quest to accelerate the energy transition at a (higher) pace, we came into contact with Salesdock. The click was there immediately and a month later we were operational, that's what we get energy from! 😉”
Bart Vos, Solar Concept

Expectations are also high for Salesdock. The energy market is changing; extremely high tariffs therefore make a conversation about the energy transition even more important. Mark Hekkelman, CEO of Salesdock comments: "As Salesdock, we want to help accelerate the change in the energy market; from 'a sales conversation about energy and saving' to 'a good conversation about the energy transition and the possibilities of saving and sustainability for the customer'. This is why we started late 2020, to make a market like solar panels accessible for scalable sales. And let that be exactly how Solar Concept envisions the market too!"

The demand for quality systems and self-generated energy is huge now. Now the challenge is to connect supply and demand. Thanks to the large available installation capacity throughout the Netherlands and Sunpower's high-quality panels within this unique concept, Solar Concept is ready to install solar panels in large volumes this winter. According to Twan, it is bound to be a great success: "Via Salesdock, we combine the best sales organisations, the smartest systems and the biggest brands in the solar panel sector in a tool that every salesman can easily use. This is a unique concept in which we bring together the best of all worlds. And which will definitely help us advance our mission: to provide our customers with the best overall concept in the field of solar panels; energy for everyone!"

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