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04 September 2023

VodafoneZiggo and Salesdock building the best Outside experience together

VodafoneZiggo was the 'launching customer' of Salesdock Outside in 2019. The agents who are on the road every day use it with great enthusiasm. Since then, the collaboration has expanded and other departments within VodafoneZiggo are also embracing Salesdock in their daily process. We spoke to Jouke Koedijker, Sales Manager of the Outdoor Experience Team.

Jouke is responsible for VodafoneZiggo's Outdoor Experience Team. His team consists of a network of partners and focuses on door-to-door and high traffic sales. The latter includes sales at events and busy locations. Since the merger in 2017, VodafoneZiggo is one company, with different brands and propositions. In 2019, Jouke came into contact with Salesdock, which was then still in its start-up phase and mainly used for telesales.
How the partnership started
“The system we were working with was basically a digitised walk list. So I explored what was on the market." During his search, Jouke came into contact with Mark Hekkelman, co-owner of Salesdock. Jouke: "I got the tip to have a coffee with Mark. And it clicked immediately. It appealed to me that he knows my channel very well and understands how I want to sell”.

“Salesdock did not even have its own office space yet when they got in touch," Jouke says with a laugh. That Salesdock was still in its early stages at the time, Jouke actually saw as an advantage. "The fact that Salesdock Outside was still in its build up phase ment we could get involved in the development of the product. In the beginning, I spent many hours brainstorming with Nick ten Cate, CTO, and Mark to come up with the ideal picture. And that worked out very well”.

To ensure that Salesdock Outside matched the behaviour of salespeople in the field as closely as possible, the design phase also made extensive use of the expertise of VodafoneZiggo and its sales partners. Salesdock UI/UX designer Suzanne walked along to test the user experience in practice. That way, the wishes of the daily users were taken into account in detail in the (joint) product development.

The solution
The result, Salesdock Outside, pleases Jouke. "Agents now visit the addresses in an efficient way, the walking routes are well established. They have insight into the status of the addresses and follow-ups have also been made easier." He therefore gets a lot of enthusiastic feedback from partners in the field. He himself benefits from more insight through automatic reporting and can see who is where, at what time.
Informal collaboration
Jouke enjoys working with Salesdock. "The mutual atmosphere is very informal. Salesdock's culture is very relaxed, but very focused and progressive. They constantly want to innovate. Often when I have a request or idea, they turn out to have been working on it for a long time." He also enjoys visiting Enschede. "For anyone who visits their beautiful new office: plan your visit around lunchtime and ask for a chicken sandwich, you won't regret it," laughs the sales manager.
“Agents can focus on their core task: paying attention to the customer, thanks to Salesdock. And we see that reflected in the results.”
Jouke Koedijker, VodafoneZiggo
Good system leads to better results
The key takeaway from working with Salesdock is that salespeople now have more time and attention for the customer. "When an agent can give 100% of his attention to the customer, he listens better which makes the customer feel better understood and helped. This is very difficult when you are fiddling with a system. Agents can focus on their core task thanks to Salesdock: paying attention to the customer. And we see that reflected in the results.”
Several sales organisations that were already Salesdock customers have also become sales partners of VodafoneZiggo. "Through Salesdock's ecosystem, the number of salespeople grows and then the simple equation applies: the more salespeople the more sales," Jouke explains. Besides door-2-door, VodafoneZiggo and Salesdock have been broadening the partnership to other activities, such as high traffic sales and home service visits, since early 2023.

“Here again, the focus is on: how do we ensure that our service agents and salespeople give maximum attention to the customer and can we, as VodafoneZiggo, even better serve our customers at the right time and place," Jouke said.
In other words: Together, VodafoneZiggo and Salesdock continue to look for smart improvements every day to offer agents even more convenience.

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